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Youth Ministry



Welcome to the St. Vincent de Paul Youth Ministry Home Page. It is our goal to create Christian leaders and strengthen their sense of community in our parish and in their families.

Many people believe that youth ministry involves solely the youth. However, this ministry requires the participation of the entire Parish. The focus for Catholic adults is to encourage and mentor the youth of our community by example in service and spirituality. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to invite the youth to work and pray alongside them.

Some adults have a calling to serve the youth in a more interactive way, by assisting with the youth group or confirmation class. Youth Ministry welcomes volunteers who love people and are able to work with youth in Grades 4-6, 7-8, or 9-12 in a friendly and inviting manner.

The second aspect of youth ministry involves the youth. This ministry is designed to encourage them in learning about all aspects of service and ministry. The youth have the opportunity not only to grow in their faith, but to have fun at the same time.

 Mission Statement

St. Vincent Youth Ministry is a family of young Catholics committed to the goal of living out the call of the Gospels through fellowship, prayer, and service in a constant effort to become the young men and women God created each one to be. Members of the group strive to know Christ intimately, to understand His constant love for them, and to share that love with those around them.












St. John Bosco

Patron Saint of Youth

Saint John Bosco, you reached out to children whom you cared for despite ridicule and insult. Help us to care less about the laughter of the world and care more about the joy of the Lord. Amen.