Special Religious Development

For our special friends... walk along with me!

There are some in our parish who need friends to help them on their journey of faith. At St. Vincent De Paul we have a beautiful ministry to do just that. This ministry, for those with all levels of developmental disabilities/learning impairments, is called SPRED (Special Religious Development). It is open to individuals age 6 through adulthood.

 Every other week, from September through May, a trained catechist leader, an activity catechist, and catechist helpers form a faith community with our friends who have developmental disabilities. The SPRED group shares friendship, support, and most importantly, the love of God. Through the SPRED program our special friends belong to their own faith community, which prepares them to become better able to participate in the broader liturgical life of the Church.

 There is no greater gift you can give to a loved one than to help them realize God’s infinite love for them. If you have a family member or a friend who would benefit from belonging to a SPRED group, or if you are interested in the very special ministry of catechist helper (no experience required, just lots of love!) please contact Aida Tamayo at 704-554-1622.




Only families that are registered members of the parish of St. Vincent de Paul may enroll their children in our program. All students must be registered each year. The registration will take place throughout the summer.  Classes will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis, with no exception.  Payment is due with registration. 

A registration fee is charged to help cover some of the expenses of the Faith Formation Program. The fees are as follows:  

  • $70 for First Child
  • $85 for Two Children
  • $100 for Three or more.

Registration will take place during the summer.  Check the church bulletin for Registration Sunday in June.  After Registration Sunday you need to make an appointment to register during the summer.  Call the Faith Formation Office and ask for Aida Tamayo at 704-554-1622.